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Sessions Speakers Slides

Parallel Sessions 1: Exceptional as Normal

1A Sustainable Procurement Reducing Waste

1B Green Public Procurement for Medical Devices

1C Water, water everywhere

1D Ethical Procurement in the Healthcare sector: the first steps

1E Greening Norwegian Hospitals

1F European Hospitals: Best practice

1G Managing the Service: patient pathways, energy and carbon impacts

1H Using flooring to Reduce Maintenance Costs and The Use of Chemicals in Hospitals

Parallel Sessions 2: Transformation Examples

2A Personality Disorder: Using a Recovery Approach

2B Real time Monitoring in Bipolar Disorder - Lessons for Leaner Care

2E Moving and Singing: Breathing Better with Healthier Lungs

3A Education, Culture and Leadership

3B Increasing the Visibility of Resource Use

3C Co-production and Shared Decision-Making

3D Using Data to Drive Transformation3F Payment Systems

3E Health Infomatics

4A Approaches to Upstream Prevention: Influencing Policy v Direct Interventions

4B The Role of the Clinician in Promoting Health

4C Aspirin from Willow

4D Commissioning Green Space for Health
Nick Grayson

4D Commissioning Green Space for Health
Paul Nolan

4E NHS Forest - Building a Shared Asset for Health & Community
Sarah Dandy

4E NHS Forest - Building a Shared Asset for Health & Community
Will Nattrass

4F Measuring the Triple Bottom Line

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