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Pathways to Sustainable Healthcare

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Tuesday, 17th September
Wednesday, 18th September
Thursday, 19th September

The UK government has signed up to reducing carbon emissions by 80% by 2050 and some other countries have similar targets. Is it possible to achieve such a massive reduction without compromising the quality of health and social care and patient outcomes, particularly during a global economic downturn meaning healthcare spending is reduced? 

It is too early to say, but we know that focusing on sustainability helps us achieve better quality with fewer resources.  We know there are many good examples out there and CleanMed Europe 2013 will assess what we can achieve if we:

  • implement current solutions more widely
  • learn how to overcome barriers to scaling up best practice
  • focus on patients and clinical specialties
  • research and trial new models of care that use fewer resources and produce better outcomes
  • move as far as possible upstream towards prevention of disease 
Day 1: Making the Exceptional Normal.  Start with making changes to existing healthcare systems in buildings, energy, lighting, water, waste and procurement and include sessions on some carbon hotspots that all countries should be tackling as a priority.

Day 2: Improved Models of Care.  A focus on engaging healthcare professionals and patients in new models of care, showing how some of the ideas from integration, co-design and production and systems change can work alongside sustainability. We will showcase different tools and resources that can help us.

Day 3: Radical Transformation.  Incentives for health not illness, moving upstream and looking at how much healthy food, greenspace, community cohesion and other assets can contribute to healthcare as well as disease prevention.

The emphasis of the programme will be on sharing ideas and building joint solutions across job roles that focus on health outcomes while including the triple bottom line: financial, environmental and social sustainability. We will always focus on HOW to make these things happen in very practical ways.

During the 3 days there will be plenary keynote presentations and discussion, as well as interactive workshop sessions with smaller groups.  Industry and infrastructure people will be sharing ideas with health and social care professionals, patients, commissioners and other healthcare managers, from the UK, Europe and further afield.