The world's leading conference on sustainable healthcare

Who Should Attend

Pathways to Sustainable Healthcare brings together:

  • health and social care professionals and managers 
  • people from healthcare infrastructure (estates and facilities, finance, IT, energy, procurement and waste)
  • patient leaders
  • industry leaders
  • researchers 
  • experts in sustainability   

from the UK, Europe and wider.

The aim is to look at building future health and social care systems with fewer resources that do not compromise on quality of care and patient experience.

The emphasis will be on sharing ideas and building joint solutions across job roles that focus on health outcomes while including the triple bottom line: financial, environmental and social sustainability. 

We look forward to working with you, being inspired by your ideas and examples, empowering you with tools and methodologies and developing together a framework that we can use to work towards transforming healthcare for a sustainable future. 

Rachel Stancliffe
Director and Founder, Centre for Sustainable Healthcare

Anja Leetz
Coordinator, Healthcare without Harm Europe