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CleanMed Conference films available online

We were lucky enough to secure the services of experienced filmmakers Peter Armstrong and Anuradha Vittachi before and during the conference. Below are two videos they made for the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare to show at the conference and follow-up videos. More videos will be appearing soon. 


Videos Shown at the Conference 

Sustainable Specialties 

The Centre for Sustainable Healthcare is pioneering new initiatives in sustainability, starting with kidney treatments and extending to other specialties like mental health. Dr Frances Mortimer introduced the video during her plenary session.

Greening the NHS

The Centre for Sustainable Healthcare in Oxford runs a programme called NHS Forest. It promotes the planting of tens of thousands of trees around UK hospitals and clinics – showing how green spaces can promote wellbeing and shorter recovery times.

Videos from the Conference

Climate Health Check

Just how bad is the climate change crisis and its impact on human health and the health of the planet? And what is the best way to get the message out about what can be done?

At the 2013 CleanMed Conference in Oxford Prof. Hugh Montgomery brings his wide experience in the health service to bear on the environmental issues that face us all, and goes into more detail in a follow-up discussion with Anuradha Vittachi from the Hedgerley Wood Channel.

Politics of Alcohol

 What happened to the UK government's plan to set a minimum unit price for alcohol to help combat binge drinking? At the 2013 CleanMed conference in Oxford for medical professionals the question is put to the man who should know - Prof. Ian Gilmore, who led the key study for the government when he was President of the Royal College of Physicians.