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  Sustainable Healthcare, co-authored by Knut Schroeder, Trevor Thompson, Kathleen Frith and David Pencheon sets out a vision for medical care of high quality, manageable cost and low impact on the planetary systems which sustain us. In tackling the major challenges of our age, such as resource depletion, loss of biodiversity and climate change, health services can play a central role, moving from being part of the problem to becoming part of the solution. Sustainable Healthcare explores questions such as:
  • What is the relevance of sustainability in healthcare?
  • How does climate change threaten human health?
  • How can we create low carbon care pathways?
  • How can healthcare organizations deal better with their waste?
  • How can death and dying become more sustainable?
  • How can we engage ourselves and others with this agenda?

Written by an international team combining clinical, educational, practical and policy expertise in sustainability and health, this book provides a synopsis of our current predicaments, and explores some of the emerging solutions. Containing case studies and resources for further information and action, Sustainable Healthcare is a practical guide to making healthcare more sustainable for all healthcare professionals, managers and students.

Dr Pencheon, Director of the Sustainable Development Unit (NHS England), is speaking at CleanMed Europe 2013. 

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